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Composing for ballet, film, video games (or any other visual media accompaniment, artistic or commercial). Mike's compositional style has a strong emphasis on memorable melodies, with an emotional vocabulary ranging from the melancholic to the blissful. Currently he is most inspired by smaller chamber ensembles and solo piano works, and his personal output is reflecting that. As for commission-based work, he can be as flexible as your project desires, ranging from solo compositions and small ensembles to full orchestra arrangements, incorporating more modern digital instruments as well.

His main project currently in the works is a ballet suite inspired by the works of Aeschylus and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The collection of narrative pieces is being composed for piano quintet and set to dance – an exciting collaboration with Philadelphia-based composer/violist Keegan Donlon, pianist Maria Dell-Orefice and choreographer Allie Gee. See the video below for a sneak preview of the project, and stay tuned for more uploads of new songs and choreography in the near future!

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