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Born and raised in Queens, New York, Mike relocated to Philadelphia in 2016 to dedicate his time to what he's best at - creating music with memorable melodies and passionate lyrics, always striving to reach a level of timelessness that the works of his musical influences have attained. Ranging from folk, blues and pop to jazz and classical, his writing is a constantly-evolving journey that is the result of that hunger to become better and better every month and every year. Mike is currently in the process of recording two pop albums to be released as the NY-based collective The Harry Rags, as well as  the Philadelphia-based Beaux Rêves. In another realm, he is collaborating with Philadelphia composer and expert violist Keegan Donlon and choreographer Allie Mae Gee on a full-length ballet exploring the works of Aeschylus and Shelley as seen from a new philosophical and political lens.

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